Which Massage Spas are Safe?

Massage Spa

Massage therapy is among the most effective medical alternatives that you can use to improve your health. From relaxation, rehabilitation, to improved joint mobility, massage therapy will meet countless mind and body needs. To achieve these benefits, however, there is a need to get massage services from a spa where your safety is guaranteed.

Here are some amazing tips to help you remain safe during massage therapy and avoid some common risks:

1. Check How Clean and Well-Maintained the Spa is

Before confirming your massage appointment, it is advisable to visit the spa and spend some time looking around. You will be able to gauge the general cleanliness of the spa and the massage therapist as well. Massage therapy is an intimate procedure and you need to ensure that the place this will be happening will not expose you to skin infections or other illnesses.

For instance, you should have a guarantee that you will be lying on clean linens during the massage and that the massage oil is not contaminated. It is also important to ensure that the massage therapist is keen on common hygiene practices such as washing his hands before the massage.

A spa should only issue towels or linens to their clients if they are able to give a clean towel to every client that comes for massage therapy. If this is not possible, the spa should supply paper towels or make a hand air dryer available.

2. Ensure that the Spa Has a Valid License

A spa that has complied with all the legal requirements in its area of operation is safer compared to a spa that is operating without a valid license. In most spas, you will see the license displayed at the reception area or in their treatment room.

3. Check Whether the Massage Therapist is Trained and Experienced

The training and experience of the massage therapist are some of the most important considerations when looking for a massage spa. Do not be afraid to ask for proof that the massage therapist has the right training before booking your appointment. You should also ask how long he has been providing massage therapist and if possible, ask for contacts of some of his past clients.

It is also important to check out the feedback that past clients have submitted especially on independent review platforms. If most of the feedbacks are positive, you can book your appointment knowing that you will be safe in the hands of the massage therapist.

4. Location of the Spa

If a spa is located in a place where your safety will be compromised, avoid it regardless of how good the massage therapists are. Your safety is more important and you should only get your massage where your journey to and from the spa is secure. Whether you’ll be going to the spa before you report to work, during your lunch break or after work, consider your safety first.

If you prefer getting your massage on weekdays, a spa that is located close to your office is better. Here, you will be able to get your massage at a time that is convenient for you without compromising your duties at the office.

5. Check the Cost of Massage

Different massage spas will charge varying prices for their services. a professional spa where they have the right tools, observe high standards of hygiene, and the massage therapist is trained and experienced will charge a higher price. Always remember that you will get value for your money and if you go to a cheap spa, the services will be substandard and you may end up getting more harm than good from the massage.

A good massage session will cost you more but the benefits you’ll get from the experience is worth more than any amount of money. You will get relief from pains and other health complications and as a result, you’ll be more productive.

Massage therapy will cost differently depending on the location of the spa with those in high-end areas charging more for their services. To know the right spa for you, you can compare the prices and settle for the one that is moderately priced. Here, you’ll have a guarantee of getting better services without spending too much for your massage like our host’s spa at https://www.spa-clearfield-eyelash.com/ .

6. Check the Reception

In every business, the reception you get from the time you make a call to enquire about the service to the point where you go for your first appointment matters a lot. If the receptionist is not patient enough to respond to all your queries, you should not expect the other staff to have your interest at heart when providing massage services. a safe spa is one whose staff will prioritize your needs, attend to your fears, and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your massage session.

If the massage therapist is using essential oils during the massage, it is important to ensure that the oils are stored in a clean container. If you notice that the massage oil is left lying on the work area uncovered, you will be safer if you get a massage without the oil. Alternatively, you can look for another massage spa where hygiene measures are taken as a priority.

7. Be Alert During the Massage

During the massage, you have a right to speak up if you find that the massage therapist is using too much force during the massage. You can either tell him to change the massage technique or allow you to rest before proceeding with the massage. It is also your right to say where you want to be massaged and the places that should be left alone. If you feel that the massage therapist is touching you inappropriately during the massage, you have a right to tell him to stop the massage and get out of the massage room so that you can dress up. Remember that you paid for the service and you deserve to get value for your money.

Massage Spa

Just like you, the massage therapist also has a right to stop the massage if you go against the ethics of a professional massage. For instance, it would be wrong to make seductive moves at the massage therapist during the massage. Being the massage client that the massage therapist will always look forward to serving will get you immeasurable benefits from massage therapy.

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